Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ON MY OWN in Portland

Portland Oregon is truly a unique city and I am glad to call the Pacific Northwest my home.  It is hard to believe that 13 years have passed since I traveled out here from my home on the coast of Virginia with 4 senior cats in my Dodge Ram Van, following my son in the UHaul truck.  We left on a great adventure and had many of them along the way.

Time has passed so quickly.  My son Michael flew back to his house in Virginia after dropping off the UHaul in Vancouver Washington and has since moved from there to Nashville and is now living in Los Angeles.  I could have returned to the East Coast after my husband died, but something about 8 months of miserable weather and 4 months of sketchy mild, sunny and rainy weather didn't stop me from loving the city of Portland, the burbs of Washington, and the incredible beauty of the Columbia River Gorge.

I'm hooked!  I'm hooked on quirky, I'm hooked on the greatest restaurants, biking, hiking, skiing, art, music venues and just plain strangeness that I have grown to cherish and identify as my own.  I am compelled to take amusing and fascinating pictures of all that Portland offers up to my personal eye.  I want to share my view of why I continue to stay ON MY OWN...

VOODOO Doughnuts moved into town a few years ago and life has never been the same.  With doughnut names like Cock and Balls, which is chocolate iced and full of custard cream, it definitely keeps Portland weird.  At any given time of day lines of portlanders snake outside the door and around the corner patiently waiting for a rather mediocre doughnut... but, ambience is everything to the beloved motley crowds that inhabit this city.                 More to come.

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  1. Crazy place that Portland. I am going to start watching Portlandia so I will be familiar with all the weirdness, can't wait to visit, and have one of those Vooddoo cream balls!